TESYA Group kicks off 2023 with two new European acquisitions: the Spanish rental company, Emerent; and the Belgian automation company, Alax Automation.

The first new acquisition involves Emerent—a company specialising in the rental of construction, civil engineering and industrial machinery, providing complete equipment and assembly solutions for social, recreational and cultural events—based in the Spanish region of Asturias, with 10 branches, around 70 employees and a turnover of €20 million at the end of 2022.

This represents an important step and a significant investment for our Group” explains Lino Tedeschi, TESYA Group Chairman and CEO“As part of the development and reinforcement of our strategic plan, we aim to significantly strengthen our presence in Spain’s short-term rental market, much like we have done in Italy with CGTE. As a Group, we want to aim for broader geographical coverage in the segment and greater interaction with the aim of significantly increasing our services in Italy and expanding our presence across all segments on the Iberian Peninsula where the added value of our solutions is appreciated. This acquisition also represents the culmination of a long process of searching for a company around which to build our ambition of becoming a benchmark company for the short-term rental sector on the Iberian Peninsula”.

With CGTE in Italy, the TESYA Group has proven itself as a solution-oriented multi-specialist, having been a pioneer in the Italian rental market with its mission to be a general provider and steadily growing numbers. CGTE is a leading Italian company with 24 direct branches, a turnover of around €100 million and more than 130 qualified professionals, a fleet with an average age of just 20 months and over 8,500 pieces of machinery and equipment operating throughout Italy via the TESYA network, which has more than 100 branches across all its countries and over 2000 sales consultants and service technicians.

CGTE offers its clients integrated rental solutions for various industries: Building and Construction; Infrastructure (roads, bridges and tunnels); Maintenance and Care of Green Spaces; and Maintenance and Refurbishment. Additionally, CGTE opened a specialised unit for Events and Exhibitions for Industry and Services in 2016, focusing on the design, operation and rental of large facilities and installations.

In Spain, the TESYA Group operates through Finanzauto Rental, providing turnkey solutions for medium and short-term power generation requirements. Finanzauto Rental is the result of our strengthening of the activities of Energyst Rental Solutions in the Mediterranean region, which was acquired at the beginning of 2021 by Finanzauto to enhance its offer of temporary energy rental solutions. The new company combines Energyst’s skills and more than 20 years’ of experience with Finanzauto’s commercial reach and service network across Spain, as well as STET in Portugal, which has a total of 25 offices.

“We, the TESYA Group, are one of the fastest growing companies in the rental market”, declares Pierre-Nicola Fovini, Chairman of CGTE and CEO of Finanzauto in Spain – “The rental sector is a business that has to be viewed over the long term because it requires significant investment in equipment and processes, and the requirements are becoming increasingly sophisticated. At TESYA, we want to increasingly position ourselves as a general provider capable of guaranteeing turnkey end-to-end solutions, and we are confident that thanks to our expertise and the acquisition of Emerent, we will be able to make a quantum leap in the Spanish market”.

CGTE will gradually transfer its knowledge and expertise, working closely with its Spanish subsidiary, Finanzauto, with the aim of exploiting the synergies with all of the Group’s companies operating in the rental sector.

Pablo Arias, shareholder and member of Emerent’s Management Board, will continue to play a key role in the company’s growth as Managing Director and his brother, Julio Arias, will be a member of Emerent’s Board of Directors.

The second acquisition involves the Belgian company, Alax Automation, which will become part of TESYA Group‘s CLS business. Founded in 2002, it quickly established itself as a reliable partner for automation in various sectors of industry; it specialises in the turnkey design and after-sales service of palletisers, vision systems, line certification and construction of filling and sealing machines. In particular, it specialises in designing, manufacturing and servicing customised robotic stations and container filling and sealing systems for the chemical and food industry.

“Although smaller in size, this acquisition is also important for our Group from a symbolic point of view because it is the first time we have acquired a company in a country outside those in which we operate our traditional businesses”, wraps up Lino Tedeschi“Furthermore, it is technologically relevant because it represents a key bridgehead to underpin and drive what we intend to do with the CLS iMation division, allowing us to grow in the Belgian and Dutch markets where we already have long-standing clients. Strategically, it marks the first of other acquisitions planned and necessary to accelerate the development of this business stream into other European markets”.

With 70 years of experience in the rental, sales and servicing of forklifts and goods-handling equipment, CLS is aiming to become a leading provider of integrated, value-added solutions for improving goods-handling processes through CLS iMation. CLS iMation is made up of a pool of highly trained engineers and consultants capable of designing, implementing and maintaining artificial intelligence-driven goods-handling and warehousing systems, coordinated by software developed by its sister company, AlfaProject.net.

This acquisition marks an important first step towards establishing an even closer relationship with its clients in Northern Europe and the integration of CLS and Alax Automation’s expertise is a fundamental step towards realising the ambitious projects for smart warehouses laid out in the TESYA Evolution 2025 strategic plan. Through the synergies in terms of expertise, new products and process extensions, the company will be able to develop and strengthen its distinctive business model.