Purpose and Values

Our Culture

As individuals, as companies and as a Group, we never stand still or stop evolving. Passionately dedicated to delivering the most effective solutions in an age of transformative change, we know that speed of learning is a key success factor. Our ability to care for our people and support their development is what ensures the long-term prosperity of our customers and our companies.


We have a clear and single-minded Group Purpose, which sees our role as: Powering the growth of people, business and communities. Our Purpose is the rationale and inspiration for everything we do. Working to power the growth of our people, customers and communities through continuously advancing services and solutions, we make a positive contribution to everyone’s wellbeing.

How we work

Our values are the principles that define who we are and aim to be, constantly guiding our actions, determining our impact and creating value.

Our Behaviors describe how we do things every day, putting our values into action. Inextricably linked, we always present them together.

You and I care

Behind every achievement are all of us, working together to solve problems and shape the future.
  • We are passionate, enjoy our work and celebrate results.
  • We take a real interest in the people we work with: colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  • We take ownership of and pride in our work.

You and I build trust

Trust built on mutual respect and reliable performance is the foundation of our relationships and success.
  • We do what we say: you can rely on us
  • We always give our best
  • We are honest, open, ethical and fair

You and I embrace change

We are responsive in changing environments, anticipating future challenges and leading innovation.
  • We are creative, exploring different ways to achieve our goals
  • We have an entrepreneurial spirit: we are quick to act on opportunities
  • We handle uncertainty without losing focus on process or vision

You and I grow together

Our business and personal development is built on continuous learning and improvement.
  • We are committed to advancing our company, teams, customers and communities.
  • We develop together through feedback, sharing and mentoring.
  • We are curious and never stop learning.


'Getting to know' us is a podcast series developed by the TESYA Group in collaboration with Chora Media. Consisting of four episodes – each lasting approximately 20 minutes – this series delves into reflections on the value system that sets the Group apart. At the heart of the narrative are the core values that guide TESYA's people in their daily professional endeavours: listening, trust, openness to change, and collective growth. The project aims to offer practical insights for translating these cultural values into concrete actions that foster both personal and professional development.
You can listen to it HERE!