Meet our People


Mihael Mikić

Service Tecnitian Teknoxgroup Croatia, TESYA Group

"Work helps me improve both professionally and personally: constantly learning new things and witnessing customer satisfaction motivates and strengthens my belief that I have chosen the right job and company to build my future"

Maja Kragulj

Sales Consultant Teknoxgroup Bosnia-Erzegovina, TESYA Group

"TESYA is committed every day to providing quality training for its employees, enabling us to achieve highly qualified professionalism. As a woman and a mother of two young children, what particularly inspires me is the attention to workplace safety and the priority given to human needs"

Matija Vujović

Service Technician Teknoxgroup Montenegro, TESYA Group

"The job is very different from the concepts I learned in school. While I once considered the mechanic's role as purely technical, I now understand the importance of effective communication, interpersonal relationships and a proactive approach, all contributing to my personal development"

Kristijan Cizmesija

Warranty Analyst, Teknoxgroup Croatia and Serbia, TESYA Group

"The importance of mutual respect and collaboration is fundamental for providing efficient service and creating a positive atmosphere with colleagues. These are values that I consider essential and that accompany me every day"

Žiga Mišica

Spare Parts Specialist Teknoxgroup, TESYA Group

"Trust with customers is a fundamental value that we build every day through real teamwork. I found a company with a close-knit group of individuals who encourage one another both personally and professionally"

Andrea Manera

Heavy Equipment Mobile Support Technician CGT, TESYA Group

“What does it take to be a technician today? Passion, resourcefulness and, above all, determination to achieve objectives, along with a keen desire to get in the game and continue growing and learning. Here at TESYA, we are supported in our professional growth every day... right from when we finish school”

Alessandro Gamba

Mobile Support Technician CLS, TESYA Group

“Passion, authenticity, a willingness to get involved, and professionalism: this is what it means to work at TESYA!”

Alice Serafino

Marketing Specialist CGT, TESYA Group

“TESYA offers those with ambition the opportunity to enhance their skills and make an active contribution to innovation. Innovation and diversification, which are an ongoing incentive for me to grow, are the keywords that describe the environment I have encountered during this first year in the TESYA Group”

Antonella Morleo

Marketing Manager XIBER, TESYA Group

"For me, TESYA has always been an ongoing journey of growth that allows you to experience, evolve and be an active part of change"

Daniele Pellegrini

Rental Promoter CGTE, TESYA Group

“TESYA is the place where the focus on people provides room for growth and the opportunity to test yourself by challenging your limits. They support you in your career and you truly feel part of a big family”

Federico Molteni

Procurement Specialist XIBER, TESYA Group

“At TESYA, you have the opportunity to build your own future alongside that of the Group. I am proud to be part of a Group that has the value of growing together in its DNA”

Filippo Marchi

Area Sales Manager CLS, TESYA Group

“TESYA is a well-established company that is respected and appreciated for the services it provides and where there is an opportunity to grow and fulfil your potential”

Francesco Astuni

Cogeneration Technician CGT, TESYA Group

“I've found an interesting environment and, above all, stability and unique colleagues. There's a lot of listening and attention to people, which generates room for growth and the chance to put yourself to the test and challenge yourself”

Juan Hormigo

Project Engineer CLS iMation, TESYA Group

“Innovation, teamwork, new ideas, open dialogue, discussion and sharing: every working day here at TESYA is a challenge!”

Kusmierzak Ksymena Joanna

Product Specialist Site Technology and Applications CGT, TESYA Group

“Don't be afraid of learning: curiosity and teamwork are necessary for overcoming challenges. This is what working at TESYA is all about”

Mitko Siliprandi

Master Technician CGT Trucks, TESYA Group

“For a young person beginning their professional career, the TESYA Group is large, well-established and offers a great training programme. In the span of six years, I've become a Master Technician – almost the top level – and I am very satisfied!”

Azahara Gutiérrez Corbacho

Co-ordinator of Innovation and Technology Development Finanzauto, TESYA Group

"In the TESYA Group, you immediately feel like a part of a big family. They care about their people and the professional and personal growth of each one of us, providing high-quality training programs to keep us up to date with technology. Furthermore, they are open to listening to us and supporting us in our daily work"

Borja Paz Ibinaga

After-Sales Solutions Advisor - Finanzauto, TESYA Group

"Working within the TESYA Group is truly inspiring. I feel like a part of a large Group that evolves and innovates to offer the best service, and always strives for excellence. We continually set ambitious goals for ourselves, and the work ethos is geared towards consistent improvement. The work environment remains very close-knit, and there is a strong sense of belonging"

Charlene Sarrade

Project Manager - Integration and Development Department Finanzauto, TESYA Group

"It is clear that the TESYA Group values the well-being of its people. Alongside their investment in us through diverse training programs and a genuine commitment to our growth, there is also a strong culture of teamwork. The people are always ready to support one another, give their best and promote projects and initiatives"

Joan Clua Vaquer

Lleida Branch Manager - Finanzauto, TESYA Group

"It's been a childhood dream of mine to work with heavy machinery, and at TESYA, I've been able to fulfil that dream. Finanzauto is the leading company in this sector in Spain. They invest in the future of every employee and understand that the true wealth of the company lies in its people. This trust reassures me every day that I am not alone"

Julen Martín Ballesteros

After-Sales Service Technician - Finanzauto, TESYA Group

"You learn something new every day. Within the company, and the TESYA Group as a whole, I have encountered exceptional professionals who serve as role models for us younger team members. We absorb all the knowledge we can from them to fuel our growth and continually enhance the quality of the services we provide to our customers. The strong team spirit that develops as a result makes everything much easier"

Silvia María López Martínez

Assistant Territory Manager - Finanzauto, TESYA Group

"The essence of my work lies in teamwork, active listening and what we refer to as the 'telephone smile'. It's crucial to be versatile and have the ability to quickly resolve problems. The TESYA Group supports me on this journey, making me feel like an integral part of a team where I learn something new every day and have the opportunity to grow professionally"

Ana Rita Carvalho

Safety, Quality and Environment Coordinator STET, TESYA Group

"Being able to work alongside experienced individuals allows you to grow and learn by drawing from their knowledge and expertise. It's thanks to this intergenerational blend that we, at STET and TESYA Group, can change the way things are done, improve and innovate"

Maria de Jesus Bento

Sales Consultant STET, TESYA Group

"My daily work primarily revolves around sales consulting. It's very important to listen to customers, understand their needs and provide them with the right solutions. Having a team that supports you in this endeavour on a daily basis is crucial, and here at TESYA, teamwork is a cornerstone that drives the growth of the Group and each of us individually"

Bruno Morais

Maia Branch Technician STET, TESYA Group

"Being able to rely on my colleagues and direct superiors is fundamental to my growth. It contributes to creating a positive work environment that reflects in good results and the trust our customers place in us"

Patrick Maravilha

Product Manager for the Iberian Region for SANDVIK STET and Finanzauto, TESYA Group

"I'm a very inquisitive person and I'm happy to have found a company that invests heavily in innovation and development, enabling me to embrace the challenges and opportunities that the market presents. This environment fosters my growth and keeps me motivated every day"