A team dedicated to the use of advanced construction site technologies assists our customers through every stage of their projects, from the feasibility studies and design stages to identifying and preparing the most appropriate machinery, whether rented or owned. Having jointly identified the most suitable technologies, we help with the worksite preparations, calibrating the 3D systems, starting up the machinery and training the operators. Incorporating 3D technology in our consulting activities helps maximize productivity, precision, safety and cost reductions in a wide range of sectors.

A race against time in the snow

Companies building ski runs and artificial snow reservoirs are in a fight against time. With a window of just 4-5 months available, the sites need to be organized down to the smallest detail. Which is why one of the biggest names in the sector has long partnered with us as a trusted consultant. Our customer had from June to October 2018 to build a 120,000 cu.m reservoir 2,100 m above sea level to ensure the availability of artificial snow in the winter and water supply in the summer. To enable them to do this, we identified the most suitable machines and technologies, many owned by the customer and others rented. Our Advanced Technology team then converted the Works Management’s 2D drawings into a 3D version, uploaded the design information to the excavators and a roller, and calibrated the systems reader for work so that a total of around 150,000 cu. m. of earth could be moved to complete the project successfully in the short timeframe available.