Warehouse automation

The strength of simplicity

Complex situations need solutions that simplify. What’s more, making things easier can also result in doing them better through having understood the difficulties and developed an effective action plan. However achieving this requires knowledge, experience and ingenuity. A pool of engineers and consultants guides customers as they develop new perspectives through cutting-edge automation systems. Automating processes means, on the one hand, improving efficiency and reducing human errors, thus releasing staff from tedious and repetitive tasks in order to deploy human resources to higher value-added activities, and on the other hand, ensuring higher production standards. To increase the performance of logistics and intralogistics activities, we design highly flexible and modular industrial automation solutions and systems.

Strategic implementation

Advanced technologies unquestionably help to create a safe work environment. A food packaging company in Piedmont approached us for an automated solution for their pallet, small forklift and bin handling needs. The main problem was the lack of space available for forklifts and transpallets to maneuver in cramped areas where people were also present. In addition to the safety challenge, there was also a lack of skilled operators, with the materials handling outsourced to an external logistics cooperative. Our solution was to use two Agilox intelligent guided vehicles, introducing them a few months apart from each other. Working 24/7 these vehicles replaced 2 operators per shift and therefore 6 in total, who were redeployed to higher value-added duties.