Integrated solutions for energy efficiency and decarbonisation

Integrated, turnkey solutions

We support Italian and European industry on their journey towards energy transition, providing multi-technology, multi-supplier, highly-integrated and turnkey solutions for decarbonisation. The Energy Task Force works with companies to identify the best customised solutions that will deliver significant savings in terms of consumption and costs, while guaranteeing a reduction in emissions, thanks to a combination of different technologies and tools that include solar energy production, natural gas and biogas co/trigeneration plants, energy storage and management systems, biomethane production plants, efficient lighting solutions, heat pump systems, agreements for the supply of certified green energy and solutions for the absorption of residual emissions, as well as associated financial services, such as financial leasing or operational rental. Additionally, it accompanies the path through the study of the production process, energy and emission audits, support in the setting of energy efficiency and emission reduction targets and remote monitoring, measurement and optimisation programmes using Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies.