Mermern Kombinat, main producer of marble in North Macedonia, has renewed its long-standing partnership with Teknoxgroup. Customer service is a feather in the cap of all TESYA Group companies, putting the customer first, offering personalised advice and supporting them step by step, thus creating a relationship based on genuine trust that grows day by day.

At Teknoxgroup, whether it’s a new customer or a long-standing partner, we always work to provide the best possible experience, providing high-quality equipment and excellent customer service, as evidenced by our partnership with Mermern Kombinat.

As Mermern Kombinat maintains, Teknoxgroup is a reliable partner that provides constant support. This goes beyond the simple process of ordering and purchasing machinery, because they are able to provide the best possible service when machines require inspection and maintenance. Last year alone, Mermern Kombinat made significant investments for the company’s future operations with the purchase of two 924K wheel loaders, two 352 excavators and two 772G all-terrain lorries from Teknoxgroup.