TESYA Beyond Tour: Key Players in the Group’s Future

A 55-leg tour, running from September to December 2022 across the TESYA Group’s various countries, sharing the future of the TESYA Group with all TESYA people: TESYA Evolution 2025.

An opportunity to meet up, share, compare and debate with the spirit of cooperation that sets TESYA Group apart, because everyone must feel like an active participant and player in this evolution, with a constant eye on our Group values and purpose.

TESYA Evolution 2025 is the ambitious plan formulated by the TESYA Group to lay the foundations for the future: it is the roadmap for transformation that will guide companies, teams and communities towards growth, success and leadership in all the markets in which it operates.

This plan is the result of the efforts, commitment and creativity of a huge team, involving numerous managers, professionals and consultants who have put it together by listening to companies, teams and the market:

  • More than 30 ideas were generated and pre-analysed; 12 projects were identified as potential new business ventures;
  • Analysis, study phase and design carried out by specialised teams, with more than 70 people involved at Group level;
  • 9 initiatives have been approved and are ready for launch; plus those that are in progress.

Today, TESYA is strong and solid, but in a constantly changing and uncertain landscape, it continues to ‘look beyond‘, leveraging its competitive advantages to seize new opportunities in many areas, from energy transition to digitisation, from the sharing economy to recycling and from demands for sophisticated and innovative asset management solutions to storage, new product support and, last but not least, across different regions.

TESYA Evolution 2025 was conceived from an integrated approach and is based on four pillars: Business, People, Communication and Sustainability, with technology playing a key cross-cutting role.