XIBER Energy Solutions, a TESYA Group company formed in March 2023 to support Italian and European industry on its journey towards energy transition through highly-integrated, multi-technology decarbonisation solutions, is joining forces with the Zanotti Energy Group, a highly-digital company that specialises in consultancy, design, installation and ‘asset management’ of renewable energy plants.

Managing around 750 plants in Italy and boasting extensive experience in the regulatory sector, the support of an extensive network of partners and, last but not least, highly-digitised services, the Zanotti Energy Group, with its 25-strong team of engineers and support staff, has been supporting Italian and multinational companies in the generation of energy for corporate use using renewable sources for the past 12 years.

“This acquisition marks an important step for the TESYA Group in its diversification strategy, which is aimed at establishing a leading position in the energy transition technology market. We are pleased to welcome the Zanotti Energy Group into our Group, following our partnership with them over the past few months. Their expertise is strategic in terms of increasing the spread of photovoltaic solutions throughout Italy, as well as the growth of other technologies like batteries and heat pumps, which we are convinced can play a key role in meeting a portion of the demands of industrial processes”, commented Carlotta Tedeschi, Chairman of XIBER Energy Solutions.

This deal will enable the TESYA Group, and XIBER in particular, to rapidly expand within a market that grew by 177% in Italy alone during 2022. This merger combines Zanotti Energy Group’s recognised expertise and highly-digitised services with XIBER’s strategic internationally-minded, multi-technology decarbonisation approach and the support of TESYA Group’s extensive sales network and economic and managerial resources.

“As stated in Italy’s PNRR for the next 7 years”, Giovanni Longari, CEO of XIBER Energy Solutions explained, “we see the development of distributed photovoltaics as the first step towards the energy transition, with 84% of companies planning to install it at their production facilities [1] These investments are already delivering very attractive savings, with significant simplification in the approval process and short payback times, often less than five years. However, XIBER is not stopping at photovoltaics alone: we aim to become one of the first and most structured players, able to offer multi-technology turnkey solutions for the decarbonisation of medium-sized industrial enterprises in non-energy-hungry sectors.”

“With TESYA, we have found a similar entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision and a great desire to innovate”, added Andrea Zanotti, founder of the Zanotti Energy Group. “Through this merger, we are now ready to be a key player in a market that is about to be revolutionised by electrification. Renewables are transforming the energy and production markets in both our country and across Europe. This merger with TESYA allows us to support the Energy Climate 2030 goals, combining technology, digital services, professionalism and vertical expertise. For example, we are already a leading player in supporting agricultural and material processing companies in the energy transition process, helping them to take advantage of the 80% non-repayable incentives for photovoltaic installations.”

The agreement signed on 25 July 2023 in Milan provides for the Zanotti Energy Group to operate in continuity on the market with its own services, intensifying its partnership with XIBER Energy Solutions and thus jointly pursuing an ambitious development plan to realise turnkey solutions using the most advanced decarbonisation technologies.

[1] Energy Efficiency Observatory report 2023 – POLITECNICO OF MILANO – Energy & Strategy