TESYA Group’s company, Finanzauto, specialising in engines and energy solutions for the marine sector, received recognition for its international expansion strategy in the ‘Proyección Internacional’ category at the 2023 Clúster Marítimo-Federico Esteve awards ceremony.

The award was presented by ‘Clúster Marítimo Español’, a prominent Spanish organisation that unites all companies, services and economic activities operating within the maritime market in a single entity. The decision was based on Finanzauto’s achievements over the past year, reflecting the culmination of its integrated global development plan.

A pivotal factor contributing to this win was Finanzauto’s capacity to deliver innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers in various countries. The company part of the Group showcased a successful strategic approach and a deep understanding of industry dynamics, not only expanding its geographic footprint but also forging essential global partnerships. A work that is carried out leveraging primarily on the synergies established internally with other TESYA companies, such as STET, CGT, and Teknoxgroup, which operate in the same field.

Alejandro Benito, Marine Director at TESYA Group, explained: “This award reaffirms our commitment to excellence and quality across all aspects of our work. The recognition serves asmotivation to continue developing cutting-edge solutions that foster internationalisation within the blue supply chain.

The award underscores Finanzauto’s endeavours to advance sustainable and efficient development within the maritime sector. Through continued investment in innovation and excellence, the company is solidifying its national presence while simultaneously extending its reach beyond Spain’s borders.