Finanzauto has taken yet another step to affirm its commitment to sustainability. The Spanish company has recently unveiled two new centres at its headquarters to promote the commercialisation of used machinery, thus giving it a second life, reducing emissions and promoting the circular economy.

In detail, the first building is the Rental Headquarters, where equipment can be rented for various jobs and projects. The second is the Engine Rebuild Centre, through which Finanzauto will extend the productive life of machinery, thereby substantially reducing raw material use and energy expenditure compared to producing new components.

Pierre-Nicola Fovini, CEO at Finanzauto, commented: ‘Our ownership culture is shifting towards second-hand ownership, causing our customers to be more and more inclined to rent machines instead of investing in their purchase. These new facilities allow us to become a major player as a global provider of rental solutions for the entire Mediterranean region, thus facilitating the transition to a more sustainable economy.’

This commitment is not limited to the construction of these two hubs; it includes the establishment of an FSA Operator School and Customer Centre. Representing a considerable investment of over a million euros, the facility will be equipped with simulators that recreate the operating environment of different machines in various contexts.

The grand opening was attended by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Madrid’s Regional President, who had the opportunity to visit the new company premises in person. To mark the occasion, the President also expressed her positive view of Finanzauto’s initiative, emphasising the importance of specialised training in the sector and its significant impact on employment and work quality.

This concrete roadmap reflects Finanzauto’s efforts to achieve a Net Zero future and economic growth that respects people and the environment, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. Together with all the other TESYA Group companies, Finanzauto is adopting practices that support a Net Zero future for our ecosystem, including policies that favour the circular economy.