XIBER adds another important step in its growth process by strengthening its commitment to sustainability. The company obtained the UNICEI 11352 certification, thus becoming an ‘ESCo‘ that allows it to be a player in energy efficiency.

This acronym, which derives from “Energy Service Company“, identifies companies specialized in offering all the services necessary for the implementation of efficiency measures aimed at achieving the greatest possible energy savings. This is a significant certification, recognized by the entire industry.

The result obtained supports XIBER in its positioning in the market, allowing it to become a real point of reference in the energy supply chain. This will present XIBER with multiple opportunities for growth in terms of business, but also for greater flexibility and, above all, for acquiring the characteristics necessary to operate in Industry 5.0 and for participation in the PNNR Public Tenders. All advantages that XIBER will be able to benefit from from now on.

Furthermore, XIBER is now able to provide ESCo services to all TESYA Group customers by operating in a coordinated manner with the other business lines. For example, if there is an opportunity that falls within Industry 5.0, TESYA Group companies can count on XIBER for 5.0 Certification (energy diagnosis), and then proceed directly to the sale of goods and services, speeding up the process.

The growth path undertaken by TESYA Group’s ESCo is just beginning and will not stop in the short term. XIBER strengthens TESYA’s commitment to industrial decarbonization for a future of sustainability.