A tangible opportunity for your future

STARTECH is a theoretical and practical training course to become a specialised technicians and contribute to the development of Industry 4.0. This initiative, promoted by our Group in collaboration with the Opere Salesiane network in Europe, is aimed at young individuals (18-25 years old) entering the workforce.


An international project that, like TESYA, we aim to expand to the countries where we operate. The first two courses launched in Italy and Spain in October 2023.


By 2025 we aim to hire 300 technicians, including 200 in Italy, and open new courses in Italy and abroad. TESYA Group's goal is to secure the employment position of students at the end of their training period.


We are actively seeking candidates who are highly motivated and passionate about this field to join our teams.

We firmly believe in the importance of technical education and the benefits derived from collaboration between businesses and the education system. TESYA aspires to become a benchmark for technical education in the countries where it operates, providing young individuals with tangible opportunities for professional growth and contributing to the future of our Group.