We heavily invest in training, ensuring that our people can give their best, working with passion, maintaining a high level of quality and commitment within a highly integrated company structure that harnesses robust synergies.

With us, you will develop your skills, foster professional growth through continuous learning and upskilling projects and collaborate with exceptional colleagues and leaders who will empower you to take pride in your work and make others proud of you.
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This is the Group’s "Knowledge & Competence Centre". A hub for sharing technical knowledge (continuous learning) and a centre for developing professional skills (specialist and managerial).

It is a 'study and work' space that is constantly evolving and caters to the needs of individual companies within the Group, providing responses in terms of contextual knowledge (schools or training companies) and supporting the design of training programmes.

TESYA YOUniversity monitors changing market trends, anticipating training needs, launching initiatives and designing projects that respond to these emerging requirements.

The schools that are currently part of TESYA YOUniversity: