On 29 May, the 18 new graduates of the STARTech programme received their ‘Certificate of Higher Technical Specialisation’ together with their offer of employment. The technical, professional and theoretical training course—promoted by the TESYA Group in association with the Opere Salesiane network in Europe and Gi Group—was created to train young technicians for Industry 4.0.

Kicking off on 16 October 2023 at the Salesian Mechatronics Technical Institute in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan)—the first school to be associated with the initiative—the TESYA Group’s STARTech programme has now completed its first cycle of training, reaching an important milestone: ensuring that its young students have the opportunity to gain experience as specialist technicians and immediately establish themselves professionally through an apprenticeship contract. The 18 young technicians have become part of the TESYA team, working in various Group companies, including CGT, CGTTrucks, CLS and CGTE.

STARTech is not stopping here, though, as it was conceived to be an international initiative. This coming school year, TESYA will be expanding the project in Italy and extending it to other European countries. In Italy, two new cycles will be launched: the first will kick off in October 2024 and the second in January 2025. Together they will involve more than 40 participants. Outside of Italy the programme will be extended to the entire Iberian Peninsula with the expected involvement of around 15 people in Spain and 10 in Portugal.